June 9, 2011

This Day in Boggs History!

Today marks the 25th Anniversary of Wade Boggs' strange injury involving a hotel room, cowboy boot and a cheaply upholstered couch. Apparently he was trying to pry off his tightly fitting cowboy boots in the hotel, "lost his ballance" and fell ribs first onto a couch.

Before the alleged accident Boggs was on track to hit .400 for the season. Maybe if he didn't wear such god-damn tight fitting Cowboy Boots he would have reached that milestone.

No doubt Boggs was at least 83 Miller Lite's deep...which I'm sure is the real reason he lost his balance. Everyone knows you don't take off Cowboy Boots standing up, that is just insane.

(Below is an excerpt take from original story: www.hardballtimes.com by Chris Jaffe)

In a hotel in Toronto on June 9, 1986, Boggs tried to use his foot to pry off the cowboy boot from his other foot, only to have things go rather badly. Instead of losing his boot, he lost his balance and fell ribcage-first into the arm of a couch. Ooph. And just like that, the world-class hitter looked like a Keystone Cop. It would be purely funny, except Boggs felt like he could barely breathe after hitting the couch. He bruised his ribs badly and could barely take a deep breath. He could only pinch hit in the next game (where he drew a walk). After playing all the next three games (with only two hits), Boggs had to leave a game early on June 15 because his ribs weren’t getting better. By this time, his average was down to .380, and he wound up missing six games. When Boggs finally came back, he wasn’t quite the same and ended the year with a .357 mark, nowhere near .400, but still enough to lead the league.

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