June 19, 2007

Boggs sighting...

Posted by Mitch Martin June 5th, 2007 on Tastybooze.com:

"A couple years after I graduated college I was working as a newspaper reporter in southern New Hampshire and moonlighting some nights and weekends as a bartender at the Sheraton Tara Hotel in Newton, MA. For anyone familiar with the area it's the Sheraton that hangs over the pike at exit 17. I was a displaced Yankees fan from Connecticut and was absolutely psyched when my manager told me the Yankees would be staying in the hotel for their series against the Red Sox. When I thought of the Yankees I thought of Jeter,Bernie, Paul O'Neill, Posada. But much to my disappointment the only Bombers to visit my bar were Graham Lloyd (with a tasty redhead on his arm who was CLEARLY not his wife) and Yankee Legend, Scott Pose. But things changed when Wade Boggs walked in with a couple friends and sat at a table near the door.I walked over and took the group's order. One draft for the guy, two glasses of white wine for the women and a bottle of Miller Lite for Wade. AfterWade's 4th bottle in less than an hour, I realized that the group wasn't going anywhere anytime soon and there were only two lites left in the fridge. When I delivered the next to last bottle, I told Wade that we were going to run out and rattled off the list of other beers we carried. Wade wasn't having any of it and asked me to send someone out for more - which I did. We only had two hours to closing time and while the rest of group ordered 3 more rounds, Wade downed 11 more Miller Lites - 17 total in less than 3 hours. And it was only 11pm when we closed ... so I am sure the night continued somewhere else. The next day, Boggs got 2 hits."

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